Materials testing laboratory

Transformer oil testing

Materials testing laboratory of SEC "ZTZ-SERVICE" provides services on testing transformer oils, cellulosic materials, rubber, sorbents, etc.

Oil contains information about all processes occurring in the transformer, and allows us to detect and assess the degree of risk of defects in almost all of it's systems.

In conclusion, based on the results of tests of transformer oil, recommendations on works that are necessary for the continued operation of the transformer, the timing and scope of repairs, if necessary, are given.

The list of tests performed in the laboratory includes indicators :

  • Colour
  • Acid number
  • Content of water-soluble acids
  • Content of antioxidant additive (ionol)
  • Density
  • Kinematic viscosity (including at subzero temperatures)
  • Moisture content of oil
  • Flash point in a closed crucible
  • Content of mechanical impurities (quantitative and qualitative determination)
  • The tangent of the angle of dielectric loss
  • Breakdown voltage
  • Corrosion test on a copper plate (two methods)
  • Stability against oxidation
  • Chromatographic analysis of gases dissolved in oil (11 gases, including the definition of "heavy" hydrocarbon gases: propane, propylene and 1-butene)
  • The content of furan compounds (only 5 derivatives of the furan series)
  • Moisture content of solid insulation
  • The degree of polymerization of the solid insulation
  • Surface tension
  • saponification number
  • Refractive index
  • Spectral analysis of oil, including calculation of content aromatic carbohydrates and aging products (at a wavelength of 1754-1667 cm-1)
  • Volumetric resistivity

Top quality

Compliance with standards

The laboratory has successfully passed the inspection of "ZAPORIZHZHYANDANDARTMETROLOGIYA" for recognition of technical competence in performing tests in their field of activity (Certificate АВ 24-19 dated 17.05.2019).

The laboratory within the enterprise is accredited for compliance with the quality system according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 (Certificate SGS HU09 / 4350 dated 04.10.2018).

Transformer oil testing is performed in accordance with international standards, but if necessary can be performed in accordance with national standards of the customer.

Tests are performed within
  • Preventive tests of transformer equipment of different power and voltage classes in accordance with current regulations
  • Scheduled periodic control of transformer equipment
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tests to assess the technical condition of transformers to detect defects, interfering with normal operation, or to confirm the possibility of continuing operation without major repairs, for estimating the residual life of cellulose insulation and oil according to the methods of SEC "ZTZ-SERVICE"
  • Repair and installation work
  • Checks of regeneration possibilities and a choice of modes of processing of the fulfilled oils
  • Examinations of fresh transformer oil in a state of delivery (production of known and unknown brands) in order to determine it's quality and scope