About us

History of SEC "ZTZ-Service"

The history of Scientific Engineering Center "ZTZ-Service" begins in 1954, as a division of the ZTZ (Zaporozhye transformer factory), which was engaged in the installation of power transformers. SEC "ZTZ-Service" exists as an independent enterprise since 1991.

In the following years, the main activity of SEC "ZTZ-Service" is the service of power transformer equipment, which includes testing and assessment of technical condition of transformers, on-site repairs, development of design projects for modernization of transformer structures and obsolete reactor equipment in order to improve operational reliability and extension of service life.


By the Order № 234 of 05.08.1999 of Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, SEC "ZTZ-Service" is identified as main organization of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine in the field of repair of transformer equipment, assessment of it's technical condition, as well as determining the need for major repairs and the possibility of further operation of transformer equipment, that has exhausted its technical resource.

SEC "ZTZ-Service" is approved as a supplier of "Energoatom" with Decision №РШ-II 0.22.101-12

The quality of work of SEC "ZTZ-SERVICE" meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, which is confirmed by the SGS certificate. SEC "ZTZ-SERVICE" has received the certificate in 1998 and constantly confirms in during recertification audits (Certificate HU09 / 4350).


During our activity, which is more than 30 years, we have gained extensive experience in the field of diagnostics, repairs and modernization of transformers and reactor equipment produced by ZTR and other manufacturers.

Over the last 10 years, with the participation of staff of SEC "ZTZ-Service", more than 140 power transformers and reactors were repaired, diagnostics of more than a thousand power transformers, converting and measuring transformers has been made.

Over the years among our customers there were all nuclear power plants in Ukraine and most nuclear power plants in Russia, significant number of hydro and thermal power plants all over the world: Lithuania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Dagestan, Bulgaria, Moldova, Armenia, Argentina, Iran, Egypt, China.

In addition to ZTR transformers, in recent years we have performed a lot of work on design assessment, inspection and repair of transformers of other well-known world manufacturers: ABB, Siemens, Jeumont Schneider, TRO, Fuji Electric, TTZ, МЭЗ.