ZTZ-Service Co. offers the following services:

  • Development

  • ZTZ-Service Co. is a developer of:
    - Guidelines for transportation, storage, installation and commissioning of 110-750 kV transformers;
    - Technical specifications for technological equipment of the oil and insulation processing;
    - Insulation drying out and moisture protection technologies.
  • Implementation and optimization

  • We have documented experience in development and implementation of the follow-ing technologies: - How to fulfill installation and adjusting in the minimum technological terms;
    - How to prepare (sample, dry, refine and degas) the oil at minimum cost;
    - How to check and restore the transformer after a difficult transportation;
    - How to restore the transformer after ling-term storage in disassembled condition;
    - How to dry, clean, degas and impregnate the insulation.
  • Implementation

  • - Technical supervising of installation and commissioning of all voltage classes transformer equipment.
    - Organization and performing the installation and tests using our own staff and (or) winning over to other specialized companies.
    - Technical support, tests and checks during warranty period.

    We have over 40-years documented experience in installation and commissioning of over 5500 transformers rated 100 MVA and above including:
    - over 300 transformers rated 750 kV;
    - 1150 kV 750 kV transformers;
    - in all climate zones from Tropics to Arctic;
    - in mountainous regions;
    - in all regions of the former Soviet Union;
    - in Argentina, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Nigeria, Northern Korea, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sri-Lanka, Syria, Turkey, USA, Vietnam, Yugoslavia.


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