Subject of activity

Work principles


Subject of Activity :

1. Power transformers 351150 kV
2. Shunt reactors 35750 kV
3. Furnace transformers 35220 kV
4. Bushings 110750 kV
5. Instrument transformers 110750 kV
6. Tap changers (LTC) 35330 kV

The main goal of ZTZ-Service Co. is performing a set of services providing the transformer equipment serviceability, in particular:

- The most important major transformers of NPP, TPP and HPP blocks, system-forming transmissions;
- Equipment with symptoms of the defect or failure;
- Equipment after the planned term operation;
- Equipment manufactured by the plant that cancelled or changed its activity profile. Work principles :

PROFESSIONALISM We understand it as performing really necessary works for reliable effective operation of the equipment with quality meeting all the national and international standards requirements.
COOPERATION We understand it as an association of the professionals for the sake of reliable work of the energy.
RESPONSIBILITY We are sure that an agreement is really more important that the money.
INTERNATIONALISM We understand the language of transformers all over the world.

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