Subject of activity

Work principles


The foundation of ZTZ-Service Co. activity is scientific basis of the technical deci-sions, methods and technological processes with tendency of their continuous devel-opment and updating.

The priority point of every-year investments is implementation of new technique, de-velopment of the new methods of diagnostics and transformers refurbishment.

Success of solving a lot of different engineering tasks is provided by the specialists having degree in engineering and a wide experience in design, manufacturing and testing of transformers on the one hand, and installation, operation, diagnostics, re-pair and modernization on the other hand, in very different conditions from Arctic to Tropics.

The accumulated experience and information are systematically submitted to ZTZ-Service clients and partners. Theoretical and practical training and specialization of the Customer personnel and organizations involved into the equipment maintenance are the priority direction of ZTZ-Service Co. activity.

ZTZ-Service Co. inherited the first old name of the well-known Transformer Plant - presently ZTR. This name is connected with creation of unique transformers and transformer science, and also with forming ZTZ-Service Co. professional foundation.
Nowadays ZTZ-Service Co. performs a full set of the services on technical supervis-ing and maintenance of the transformers manufactured by ZTR.

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